Dani Pellett. For the People. 

Danielle J Pellett is a New Deal Democrat, a transgender rights activist, and is running for the Democratic nomination to represent Texas 32nd district in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018.

Her father David Ellsworth was born in Bend, Oregon in 1929 as the Great Depression hit, while her mother Maria del Rosario was born Brownsville, Texas in 1945. Both of them lived impossible lives, having overcome significant obstacles which taught Dani to persevere despite being told something is 'impossible'.

Growing up, she had always wanted to be a pilot for the US Air Force. However, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" conflicted with the Air Force Core Value of Integrity First. As we invaded Iraq and fired our troops for being gay, Dani had a choice to make: either live a lie, or serve her country.

She was two months away from a ten year commitment with the Air Force when her Integrity precluded her from serving, and went on to become a political activist and graduated from the University of North Texas with B.S. degrees in both Sociology and Forensic Chemistry. While at UNT, she was the founding President of the first Transgender student organization in a Texas University, and successfully lobbied for gender-neutral, single-occupant restrooms.

In 2016, her group, Petition Resolutions to Enact on the Platform (PREP) was able to engage in direct democracy at the Texas Democratic Convention and get all three resolutions passed on separate floor votes by the entire delegation, focusing on an environmental jobs program, strengthening the laws against illegal tax shelters, and removing corporate lobbyists from being super delegates.

Due to her history as a former libertarian-leaning Republican, Danielle seeks to overhaul how political engagement is done in order to tackle today's problems through embracing empathy and using inclusive, non-linear problem solving techniques. To that end, she’s developing ‘Prometheus’, a free canvassing app that will help activists and campaigns engage at the grassroots level. When she’s not at a protest or on a campaign trail, she enjoys a quiet life with her wife and three cats.

Maria del Rosario, Dani, and David Pellett in 1983.

Maria del Rosario, Dani, and David Pellett in 1983.