Healthcare & Town Halls

For the past week, I've been trying to formulate a response to the town halls that have been happening across the country. People are angry and want to be heard; many didn't like ObamaCare but don't want the ACA repealed. People liked most of ObamaCare’s provisions, while a vocal minority wanted it completely torn down before a replacement was even properly scored.

And while TrumpCare was exposed as gutting coverage for individuals, implementing an effective age tax, handing massive tax cuts to the 1%, and not heartless enough for the Freedom Caucus, this isn't the time for Progressives to simply sit back and laugh. Paul Ryan and the GOP promised a repeal and replacement for the ACA/ObamaCare for 7 years and over 62 repeal votes, so don’t think that they are done just because the dog finally caught the car.

Even now with the ACA, 27 million Americans aren't covered. Hospitals keep raising their rates to cover their losses due to the uninsured. Bankruptcy due to medical costs surpasses all other debt. The ACA imposed an 80/20 rule to require at least 80% of the money they spend goes directly to healthcare and not business overhead. Medicare does this at a much better rate.

It’s time we admit that some things shouldn't be done for a profit. Before Obama left office, the justice department released a report that private prisons weren't cost effective and were in the process of shutting them down.

Likewise, having an unnecessary middleman stand between a patient and their doctor to ration care has given us horrific situations where a newborn baby was already denied health coverage due to a pre existing condition. A woman diagnosed with skin cancer was declined coverage due to having acne while growing up.

It's time that we move onto a single payer, Medicare for all system. Profiting off of human suffering in this way is immoral and we can do better. Freeing Americans from the shackles of medical debt would help reverse the slowing trend of our economy.

Meanwhile, in town halls across the country, Republicans claim that the anger they face is a spectacle paid for by George Soros. Medical debt is real, American fear of Hospitals due to the bill is real, so why would the anger be manufactured?

As reported by multiple sources, Pete Sessions’ town hall was an unmitigated disaster. Rather than listen to his constituents, he talked down to the crowd and insinuated that they were unwilling to listen to him.

It wasn't just rude, but inexcusable for a sitting congressman. Next week, I'll be holding an informal listening event in Garland from 2-4 pm. I look forward to hearing from you as we look forward to 2018 and getting a congress that is more responsive to everyday Americans and not just powerful lobbyists who have been profiting by exploiting loopholes written by the congressmen they bought.


I'll also be doing a radio interview tonight on immigration: at 6pm CST.

I'll also be doing a radio interview tonight on immigration: at 6pm CST.