This. Is. Not. Normal.

This past Saturday I spent a relaxing evening streaming a show online and working on a sewing project.

I was catching up on A Handmaid's Tale and wondered how close we could be to having our country turn into a totalitarian theocratic dystopia.  

Obviously, I dismissed the thought because I didn't want to believe that the worst could happen. The human mind likes to protect itself that way; to disregard details that would irreparably harm its own perspective of reality.

That's when the thread snapped. A simple, ordinary thing that can happen on a singer machine. As I tied off the frayed thread, I realized exactly what I was doing.

I was reinforcing my kevlar vest.

That's when a thought echoed in my mind:

This is not normal.

On Sunday, I did Roundtable with Rob Williams concerning the latest Trump controversy over Kaepernick's kneeling for the anthem, banning transgender people from the military, and the disaster unfolding in Puerto Rico.

Due to the power outages and lack of clean water, people have been getting sick. One hospital lost every patient in the ICU due to a power outage.

Trump attacking Puerto Rico in a series of tweets for being lazy and unwilling to rebuild their island.

This is not normal.

I attended the Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas, glad to see so many candidates running in 2018. As each of us gave our three minute speeches, I was asked how I felt about North Korea claiming Trump's tweets about 'Rocket Man' were "a declaration of war" and if we were on the brink of nuclear war.

Due to Twitter.

This is not normal.

This morning, I decide to start my day off with John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO Now. He's hitting on forensic science and how it gets misapplied in court cases, something I studied when I was getting my forensic chemistry degree.

It was at the point when he rightly calls out Attorney General Jeff Sessions out for shutting down the forensic science commission, and is surprised that Texas has a 'Junk Science' law to help stop wrongful convictions that my news feed lit up about a shooting.

Two dead and fifty injured in Las Vegas.

I shook my head in disgust, worried about my friends who live there. I wasn't even done brushing my teeth when the news updated the body count to 50 dead and 200 injured as the shooting happened at a concert, now the largest mass shooting in the US after surpassing the Pulse Nightclub shooting last year.

This. Is. Not. Normal.

We cannot respond to this in the 'normal' way. We cannot allow the gun control dialogue to be shut down yet again by NRA lobbyists.

We cannot blame Puerto Rico for the hurricane, nor allow the claim that they are lazy to stand. This territory should and must become our 51st state.

We cannot allow nuclear war to begin because of a simple tweet.

So please, do not forget why we are doing this. Do not relent, and do not give in. Spread the message and volunteer with whatever campaign you can as the 2018 midterm elections approaching soon.

-Danielle Pellett
Candidate, TX CD-32